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Enjoy a challenge!!


Whether you are an experienced bonsai enthusiast or a beginner or simply want to grow an ornamental Niwaki tree for your garden, then purchase one or two of our young pine trees as projects and have lots of fun and enjoyment growing and styling our young trees to your own personal taste, we guarantee you’ll enjoy the experience.  We have many returning customers purchasing further trees to grow and style a different way…so take up the challenge!!    

We currently have on sale Japanese Black Pines (Pinus Thunbergii). Japanese Red Pines (Pinus Densiflora).  Germinated April 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.


For potential Niwaki trees, Bonsai or Cascade trees we initially style them by applying wire to form an initial shape.  This also includes bud candle removal to balance the tree as its growing.  Some we have left to allow the prospective owner to style the tree to their own personal style.  

For potential Shohin /Mame Bonsai trees we wire the low stem (blow the first main branch buds) when they are about 1 year old to thicken and accelerate the trunk thickness, this lightly scores the trunk as the tree grows. We also leave a main leader branch as a sacrificial branch to thicken the stem.  

Japanese Black and Red Pine Trees
Japanese Black Pine

about us

Wakai Trees Ltd

Here at Wakai Trees we specialise in Japanese pines, which we propagate and grow here in the UK.


Having taken the hassle out of germinating and growing in the early stages our Wakai (Young) Trees are ready for you to continue growing and styling to your own personal taste.


Our young trees are ideal for growing into bonsai, small ornamental garden trees (Niwaki) for your

Japanese themed gardens.


A percentage of our two year old and older trees we pre style ready for you to continue their development. We also have more developed older trees that we grow for more specific requirements.  


Purchase our young trees every year to enjoy growing and styling them in your own personal way!


We travel to Japan every year visiting the heritage sites and gardens which we are passionate about.


We are also approved Professional Authorised Operators by APHA (Animal & Plant Health Agency) part of DEFRA to sell plants and issue Plant Passports for all our Japanese Pine Trees germinated here in the UK. A Plant Passport is for the official movement of regulated plants within GB excluding NI.

Japanese Black and Red Pines

How it Started

Wakai Trees Ltd

Wakai translates ‘Young’ in Japanese hence Young Trees…Every year we visit and travel around Japan visiting many of the famous heritage sites and gardens…and we just love seeing the styled Japanese pine trees.


How it started for us, a few years back we found we could not purchase young Japanese pine trees back here in the UK.  Certainly not young trees to grow develop and style for our Japanese themed garden so we purchased a few seeds in Japan and over the last few years we have developed and perfected how to germinate and grow these seedlings here in the UK based on our climate. 


With over 40 years combined horticultural experience we have transferred this experience into propagating growing our young trees here in the UK climate and establishing them ready for you to continue growing to your own personal style and tastes.

Japanese Black Pine
Japanese Pines Seedlings
Wakai Trees Ltd
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