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Japan Autumn 2023, Blog - 6

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Today was a big transition day from sightseeing to koi. But first we had some Wakai Trees business before we departed from Shin-Osaka and headed south to Hiroshima to meet up with our friend Mike Snaden from Yume Koi Japan.

We were up early again to head out to the edge of Shin-Osaka to visit a bonsai and Niwaki wholesaler this meant catching a local train on a private line which was a 10-minute walk to this station. Then on a bus taking us out further from the city to reach our destination. Though we did walk instead as we were a little early but got the bus back. We had already checked out of our hotel but asked to leave our cases in the hotel for ease of travelling. Concluding our business, we were back a few hours later to collect our cases and head to the main station where we had planned to meet our good friend Chip (Rasta Godfather) also to have a spot of lunch in the train station then catch the Shinkansen to Hiroshima.

First, we had to book our reserve seats on the Shinkansen and purchase a ticket for Chip. As we were meeting our other good friend Mike from Yume Koi Japan at a smaller train station not the main Hiroshima station meant we had to transfer from the main Shinkansen train to a smaller slower Shinkansen train to our final destination. All in All, the journey had taken just under three hours. Here we also met up with a couple of other fellow koi hobbyist who will be with us for a few days.

It was good to meet Mike again as it had been a year since we last saw him. There was not much time or light left so we headed straight to Yume koi Japan fish house for a look it was nice to chill out and just watch the koi. It was really nice to watch such high quality koi, but we knew we would be retuning a few times on our trip so off we went to check in our hotel for a few days as this would be our base for the rest of the week which made a change as we had been on the go so much the previous week and checked in and out of too many hotels. We freshened up then all went out for a meal.

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